Video, 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina borders Germany. Of course, everyone knows that. I’m professor of Geography and History. One unusual phenomenon - perception that takes place outside the known channels of sensory communication. Here are Extrasensory perceptions, and here are the dogmas. For decades, dogma created in a dog shelter. When the dog becomes tame and obedient, healthy and combed, he travels to Germany. It is there on the border with Bosnia. They have to castrate me to be good. I tried to jump the fence, but every time I froze when I saw how big it was. It gets to my wrist. Twice a day we are fed by noble people on the other side of the fence. The shaggy one who sleeps with me in the cottage is my biggest enemy. Don't seduce me with red roses. Fuck all those who have fields of red roses around their houses. Whoever stodge with roses. Beautiful roses.  

The video work was recorded in cooperation with a veterinary clinic that castrates and sterilises dogs that travel to Germany and find a home there. Dogs are raised and treated, after which they find an adoptive parent. They say that when our dogs get there, there is a celebration. In order not to stay on the street here, being killed and starved become part of the system of sending and adopting dogs in Germany. There are no wanderers. If only my grandfather had gone to Germany.

Who is the Lord my God And where are my four walls? Only love, romance and that shameless gypsy woman who seductively dances on wooden tables. I always give her roses.