Born 1, October 1999 in the city Banja Luka, which is placed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she currently creates, studies and live. She is a student of Intermedia Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts University of Banja Luka. She expresses herself through performance, painting, video art and photography. The main topic is challenging the borders of society. In her expression the things that make her art is the rawness, the taboo, the intended provocation of the already known and the contrasts of society. In the act of creating the starting point are the margins of society, which she considers the most honest and broad field to discover. The smell of fresh meat and the fight against classism. The point of her art is to disassemble the places, in between the crack of society, discovering the borders of herself and everyone else in the process. The discovery of different characters and states of mind which carrier its own note of individualism.

Founder of Vagon Gallery.


‘’Sometimes they call me a chick’’ BL Art Festival, 2021

‘’Without bread there is no picture’’ BASOC, 2021

‘’7000 + 1’’ Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republica Srpska

‘’Sometimes they call me a chick’’ Vagon Gallery, 2022.

‘’Without bread there is no picture’’ Javorwood Bjelašnica, 2022.

 Triptych ‘’Tu spas za sve nas’’ Bus line 14, Under the bridge in Česma (Medeno polje), Vagon Gallery


“An effort is in vain to you, illusionists” Academy of Fine Arts Banja Luka, 2021

‘’Color in People’’ Culture Center ‘’Banski dvor’’, 2016


‘’Interakcije’’ Heritage House, 2022.

‘’Interakcije’’ Cultur Center ‘’Kamena kuća’’, 2022.

‘’New Year’s exhibition’’ Gallery PLUS ( Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republica Srpska)

‘’ International Mediterranean friendship exhibition’’ Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif Istanbul 2021

‘’Women’s room’’ Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska 2019

‘’It can be different’’ Lonac Hub Banja Luka 2019

‘’Youth Association’’ Youth Culture Center 2016

‘’Inova’’ Zagreb 2015

‘’Tesla Fest’’ Novi Sad 2015