It comes out sometimes

The work ‘’It comes out sometimes’’ contains eight video works that represent pagan rites of passage placed in the modern society. In Paganism rites of passage impersonate a change in social status or identity.

Spread out, torn up ideals, borders of society and human, traditions that harbor within, raw flesh underneath, fresh yet stinky, in itself only a poem. I tend to avoid romanticizing our society and neoclassical renewals, I want to express the irony of conscience and life itself.  Nowhere is there more air and freedom then on the social margins. Suppression of elitism, a burning iron and a taste of salt. The charm of dancing barefoot on stone blocks. An effort is in vain to you, illusionists! An expression of identity trough paganism, doing the act in a modern society comes with a taste of irony and banality in the borders of societies self-expression. It’s a dynamic group that somehow always loves to stay on an already traveled road. Correct and conform. We’re lucky we have 8 identities to express ourself. A resurrection in the back pocket if needed.

The first blessing – Birth

Coming of age - Puberty

Self-Consecration - The beginning of the spiritual path

Initiation - Spiritual birth

Wedding - Entering into a living community with another person

Eldering - Withdrawal from active life

Farewell - Death of the body and the transition of the spirit to Sumerland

Dead - Body transformation