Video performance, 2022

Video performance recorded on the mountain of Manjača. Dad fixed the camera and the montage.

I was born through my dad’s connections. When I was born, the best doctor from Vienna came to the hospital. My dad didn't want me to bother while they were pulling me out. Or to be born with a crooked head. Mom could have died of an allergy to anaesthesia. I enrolled in kindergarten through a connection. I enrolled in elementary school through a connection. I got two from maths because of perfume. I sang. I practised tennis over the daddy’s connections. I was a child and I knew I was destined to be bigger than others. Because Dad loves me a lot and he has many wallets. I always hated my mom. Why would she ever talk with my dad and his wallet? Everyone could if they had a dad. Luckily, I have a dad, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to move. Dad will teach me the law. I will be a good lawyer and I will work in court. I enrolled in college through a connection, Dad doesn’t regret the money for my education. I don't have time to study, my job is already waiting for me. I always get questions for the exam, I’m not crazy to study the whole book. I will be an intellectual. My dad bought me a mountain and a diamond inside, I just have to move it. I hate Dad, I have to move the mountain alone. The mountain loves me a lot.